Thursday, May 11, 2017

Homework Number 4-41 (05/11/2017)

Blue Handbook
page 296, numbers 1-3
page 297, numbers 4 and 5
page 302, numbers 9 and 10
page 304, numbers 1-4

Please bring in your Buckle Down book.

Read pages 526 - 527 in your science book.  
1.Write a paragraph that explains how birds are able to fly.
2. Write a second paragraph that describes the functions of feathers.

Catch up on your reading.  (Check the page numbers for yesterday's homework.)

Social Studies
Your list of 100 facts, figures, and ideas is due on Monday.  Remember to write on loose-leaf and cite your sources (title and author or website).

Graded as a quiz: one point per fact
(You will only receive credit if you cite your sources.)

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