Friday, May 12, 2017

Homework Number 4-42 (05/12/2017)

Buckle Down Book
P 136-138
Questions # 1-7, 9

Use pages 525-528 in your science book to complete number 2 on page 528.  Then, identify three things that would make it harder for a bird to fly.

Read the next ten pages in your book and summarize in a paragraph in your notebook.

Social Studies
Your list of 100 facts, figures, and ideas is due on Tuesday.  Remember to write on loose-leaf and cite your sources (title and author or website).    

If you have 100 facts, you may select 10 facts that apply to your specific research topic.  (You may need to search for some additional facts.)

This assignment will be counted as a 100 point quiz grade.

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