Thursday, May 18, 2017

Homework Number 4-46
Your science test (MOSL) is tomorrow.  Please bring in two sharpened number two pencils.

Buckle Down Book
page 58, numbers 6-10

Please work on the percents worksheet.  Only complete the problems with even numbers.

Your take-home test on vertebrate adaptations is due tomorrow.  All your answers should be on loose-leaf.  Please staple the quiz paper on top of the loose-leaf.
(100 points)

1. Review the words for the Word Generation writing tomorrow.
2. Bring in 2 number 2 pencils for the science MOSL.

Social Studies
Please write the following information on loose-leaf paper.  Your paper should be set up exactly as you see below.  Please do not change any of the words.  This page will serve as the plan for your BIG History Essay.

  1. Specific Topic:
  2. Five Research Facts about your topic (with at least one date):
  3. Plan for presentation (what your page will look like):
  4. Thesis (the claim you are making about your topic and why we should know about it):
  5. Why You Should Know about My Topic (one sentence):
50 points HW and 50 points classwork tomorrow

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