Thursday, June 1, 2017

Homework Number 4-55 (06/01/2017)

Blue Handbook
Please read pages 302-303.
Answer questions 11 and 12 on page 303 and questions 22-27 on page 305.

Please remember to bring in a box of toothpicks and a bag of mini-marshmallows.

Use pages 550-564 of your textbook to help you complete a graphic organizer that shows the organization of plants.  Include nine or ten boxes.  Each box should include a label and a fact or example.

Books must be complete tomorrow.

Please rewrite the comparison paragraph about the movie.  It is due tomorrow.

Social Studies
Write a list of ten challenging vocabulary words from “The Veldt,” by Ray Bradbury.  Use context clues to define each word.  You will have an open-book vocabulary quiz on these words tomorrow.

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