Friday, June 16, 2017

Homework Number 4-63 (06/16/2017)
Remember to return all of your school books.


Finish the project we started in your spiral notebook.  In the middle of the page you should have boxes with living things.  Each line connects a box with another living thing.  Off to the side, write at least one detail for each page.  

You should have at least 40 boxes.

Rewrite the scene you wrote for homework on a sheet of loose-leaf paper.  Due on Monday.

Social Studies
Quiz on Macbeth
Please complete the following on loose-leaf.
  1. Summarize the plot (action in the story) so far.  Write one paragraph.
  2. Explain how one of the characters has changed as the play progresses.  Give an example.
  3. Identify one important theme from this play.
  4. Identify one important event from the play that illustrates this  theme.
  5. Give one quotation from the play (Identify the scence and character.)  Explain what this quotation means.

Please click on this link and take the survey when you are done with your quiz.
College Access for All Survey


You will have a fill-in-the-blank final on Friday.  Identify three key facts (people, places, events, or things) for each of our five major units (15 facts in total).
  1. The Americas before the Europeans
  2. Exploration and colonization
  3. Rebellion and the new government (Declaration and Constitution)
  4. The young republic (growth and expansion)
  5. Sectionalism and Civil War

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